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3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey

3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey

3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey

Hey, y’all. Today’s post is an extension of last week’s 3 ways prayer journaling will improve your prayer life. I have received a ton of positive feedback from that post and it has inspired me to share with you a few idea prompts. These are 3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey.

As a disclaimer this blog post contains affiliate links to the products that I have used and currently use for prayer journaling. That being said, I’ve found pen, paper, and a Bible alone are perfect. These are a few tools however that will definitely assist you in your study + prayer if you allow them.

3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey

The most basic of basic notebooks.

I’m a bit of a geek about these things; I love notebooks and it is hard to come by one that I love. Nobody but notebook lovers truly understand the strife to write comfortably on both sides of the darn page. A good ol’ spiral bound A5 is my go to.

I love that it is a blank canvas, as well. No frill, no fan fare. No devotionals, no in-set Bible verses. Just me, pen and paper, and the Holy Spirit with the direction of one of my next obvious and favorite tools.

A study or devotional Bible AND an app for daily verses.

Raise your hand if you’ve picked up your Bible and thought… Right, where do I begin? Raise your hand also if you’ve flipped through the pages and thought I’ll let God choose what I read today only to land on a very random Old Testament story you’re struggling to find the deeper meaning of and commit to reading?

Oh, haven’t we all, my dear friends. Unless I’m studying a Bible plan, I will always be at a loss as to what scripture I should read during my quiet time with the Lord. For that reason I receive daily verses from a Bible app. I have the verse sent to me every morning and from there I will write it down and reflect on it, read the excerpt from the book it is from, and base some of my prayer + journaling around the specific verse.

I’ve found that apart from receiving a daily verse I prefer to read the actual excerpt or book from a physical Bible. A devotional Bible is also great for prayer prompt in the same way an app would be. The ESV Women’s Devotional Bible By Crossway Bibles is a great Bible that I have personally used myself. There are small snap shots of characters of the Bible, daily devotions, and small essays concerning a bunch of different topics women in particular might find useful. All in all it is a great Bible for when you are searching for scripture to read to aid your prayers + journaling.

Knowing the ACTS prayer formula + memorizing the meaning of God’s many names.

The next couple of tools are actually something I have written about awhile back after reading a really great ebook by Diane Moody called Confessions of a Prayer Slacker (Second Edition). This is a neat little book; conversational, fun, and informative. Also a little bit convicting (I was definitely a slacker) but is supplicated by an uplifting call to action.

3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey
Confessions of a Prayer Slacker by Diane Moody eBook

Moody delves into how you can utilize the ACTS prayer formula for when you are at a loss as to where to begin. I personally have found ACTS to be useful when I was first delving into prayer more diligently and intentionally, but it is great for prayer journaling when feeling overwhelmed with what to write or where to begin.

The many meanings of God’s names.

Moody also touches on the topic of God’s many names and their unique meanings. Reflecting on the many meanings of God’s names to be useful when I am focusing on reverence and adoration. I’ve found that because journaling can be a release of problems and emotions, my focus is inward and not upward.

Therefore, I challenge you to study the names of God. Focus purely on worship for a fair bit of your prayer journaling. For example, one of my favorite names for God is Abba. It is an intimate name; the closest Aramaic translation to English being, in some contexts, daddy. It is touching to view and approach God in prayer as dad.

Well, there you have it. I hope you allow these 3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey to inspire you and get you praying + writing! I’d love to hear from you.

Do you have any favorite tools to start or supplement your prayer journaling journey? Also, what are your favorite Bible apps or devotional Bibles? 

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16 thoughts on “3 tools to jumpstart your prayer journaling journey

  1. Rachel…this is great! I work with women all the time, who struggle to just pull the trigger and do it. These are helpful tools to get things going.

    1. Oh yeah, I bet! I’m a huge procrastinator myself but this is one thing that once I start, I can’t seem to quit. I hope you find these tools useful as well and thank you for pinning! <3

  2. Thanks for the post Rachel! I generally focus on a specific book at a time and work my way through that reading a couple-few chapters each day depending upon length. I have an NIV study bible that I read first and then switch over to a NKJV journal bible to read the same chapters and then highlight/add notes. I like having the two translations tangibly in front of me to get deeper into His word. After that I will prayer journal. I’m also a bit of a notebook snob but that’s because I’m left handed and some notebooks are just not meant for lefties! If I’m wanting to look up a quick reference I like to use

    1. Yes, EXACTLY! I get my snobbery from being a leftie too! I currently have one Bible for reading (an ESV) but would love to purchase one of those Bibles with a large margin for notes and reflections as you’re reading. I also saw a lot of people like to draw and create an art piece out of it which appeals to my artistic side. 😀

  3. Great post! I love how you mentioned that you open the Bible randomly and it opens to a random Old Testament verse that’s hard to understand…. I thought I was the only one ha!

    1. Thanks, Marlie! And yep, I’ve done it too many times. I was fed up one day and randomly decided that I wanted something more structured and turned to daily verse reflection from an app. It has helped so much!

  4. Thanks for sharing such practical tools! Several years ago I started using the First5 app as a guide to prompt and structure my daily devotions. With that came consistency for the first time in years! I agree that a pen, a notebook, a study Bible, and an app can really make a difference. God will speak through His word and the Holy Spirit will move.

    Keep journaling. Keep writing. Keep sharing.

    We need you!
    Be blessed,

    1. Thank you so much, Christy! Your encouragement to keep writing and sharing has made a difference for me today. I’m also going to check out that app you’ve mentioned! Be blessed. 🙂

  5. Dear Rachel, after reading your blog post “3 Tools to Jumpstart Your Prayer Journaling Journey” I like to leave a comment.

    I have to raise my hand; I’m asking myself every day when I read my Bible, where do I begin? 🙂
    I have a Bible study plan though, but I’m not always following it!

    Thank you for sharing these tools with us; I’m looking forward to reading your next blog post.

    With love,

    Edna Davidsen

    1. Thank you, Edna! I’m so happy I’m not the only one and that you can relate. Be blessed! 🙂

  6. Rachel, Thanks for these practical tips! I find myself overcomplicating the process. Then I become inconsistent because I made it so complicated that I can’t keep it up. I agree that keeping it simple is a great way to get started and to make sure we continue in our prayer journaling.

    1. Ah, I know exactly what you mean. I also tend to try and overcomplicate how I should approach Him in prayer. The simpler the better I reckon! 🙂

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