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Confessions of a prayer slacker by an admitted prayer slacker

Hello everyone, I’m sorry it has been at least a month and a half to two months since I made my last post.

…As a creative person has to constantly “make”, I haven’t been completely “monging” it (British word). Basically I haven’t been lazing about watching Netflix and YouTube (okay, only a little). I’m very inspired by Christina Lorre‘ on YT; she gives all the glory to God for her gift and passion for drawing.

In case you weren’t made aware by my Instagram (which you can find here: rachelchamberlayne), my other passion is drawing and illustration. Lately I’ve been on a drawing kick. I go through phases where writing is my main outlet and other times where drawing absolutely takes over my life. God has truly given me a gift when it comes to creativity; I could die happy knowing God only blessed me with the ability to create things with my hands. Obviously He has blessed me with so much more as well, but I’m so grateful that I have a passion for something that is truly a vessel for worship.

My friend Hannah recently shared with me the idea of writing prayers down in a way that the words overlap one another so it looks like a bunch of gibberish. It’s great because praying out loud or in my head can be hard for me to do for some reason, but ever since I started writing my prayers out I’ve found it has strengthened my prayer life ten fold. Only God knows what you’re praying to him as well in case anyone gets their hands on your journal. 😉

It would be quite cool to map out an image or a shape that has significance and write the prayer within it if you’re feeling creative enough!

All of that being said, I wanted to share with you a few of my recent sketchbook drawings. By no means am I the best artist ever, but these are a few sketches I like and thought I would share. How could I have a blog and not share a passion God has given me that is so big it demands as much attention as my writing? So without further ado:

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